Covid 19

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    Although From July 19th the official rules put in place to protect people during the pandemic will come to an end, companies are being encouraged to decide their own policies. We have made the decision not yet to reverse any of the protections put in place to stop the spread of infection.

    The reason for this is that, although the virus may be less deadly because of the high numbers of vaccination, it will still be highly infectious, with numbers of infections perhaps even exceeding the previous highs. We do not wish to add to this in any way and want to keep the practice safe for the many vulnerable patients we see.

    We have not found it particularly onerous to stagger appointments and have gaps between (although economically it affects us), nor to wear a mask, keep distances where appropriate and to sanitise, so will continue to do so, probably through to next spring, when we will again review.

    So please see below for a brief outline of our Covid policy:

    • To facilitate social distancing our appointment numbers are significantly reduced, and the times staggered to minimise the possibility of patients meeting.

    • We are asking patients to turn up precisely on time, so they will be able to enter straight into the treatment room, currently no one is allowed to wait in reception.

    • Between patients, the rooms and couches will be wiped down and sanitised, as will all areas touched by the patient. The practice is being thoroughly and regularly cleaned, with additional cleaning following practitioners being in.

    • Everyone who enters the practice will be asked to wear a mask (unless there is a good reason why they shouldn’t) and sanitise their hands.

    • Where appropriate, practitioners will be wearing gloves and aprons that will be changed between patients. They may wear a face shield where deemed necessary.

    • We request patients to not come in if they have any concern that they or someone they are co-habiting with have symptoms associated with Covid-19, or have been asked to self-isolate by track and trace.