Covid 19

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    Although From February 2022 the official rules put in place to protect people during the pandemic will come to an end, companies are being encouraged to decide their own policies and Healthcare practices are expected to protect their vulnerable patients. We have decided, at this time and to be reviewed in the spring, not to make substantial changes to the way we are operating.  Even though the Omicron variant seems relatively mild, it is highly contagious and we do not wish to be a conduit of its spread.

    So please see below for a brief outline of our Covid policy:

    • To facilitate social distancing our appointment numbers are significantly reduced, and the times staggered to minimise the possibility of patients meeting.

    • We are asking patients to turn up on time, so they will be able to enter straight into the treatment room, waiting in the reception area is limited.

    • Between patients, the rooms and couches will be wiped down and sanitised, as will all areas touched by the patient. The practice is being thoroughly and regularly cleaned, with additional cleaning following practitioners being in.

    • Everyone who enters the practice will be asked to wear a mask (unless there is a good reason why they shouldn’t) and sanitise their hands.

    • Where appropriate, practitioners will be wearing gloves and aprons that will be changed between patients. They may wear a face shield where deemed necessary.

    • We request patients to speak to us before coming in, if they have concerns that they may have Covid 19.  Patients with the infection will be asked to delay their appointment.